May 6, 2011

Sick for the Second Time in a Week!

Last week Thursday, I came down with some sort of flu. I was still feeling creaky on Friday but was at work. Now I've got a bad cold.

I woke up to a sore throat on Wednesday morning and by Thursday morning I was in bad shape - my sinuses felt they had been packed with hot, wet cotton. It was disgusting.

I am still under the weather tonight, hence the photo of my commuter locked up in front of my house.

I did something productive today - I got the Bikebyshootings photo pool of Flickr pool mostly cleaned up. There's some good shots in that pool - check it out if you have not seen it and go ahead and add to the pool if you have anything to share.


  1. Ugh, I am suffering from full facial congestion and a sore throat. It just hit me today. :( This is the 3rd or 4th time I've been incapacitated this year.

  2. There's some nasty illness going around. Rest, get well, be well.