May 26, 2011

The High Cost of Doing Good

I signed up for the League Certified Instructor (LCI) course this evening. The LCI certification will enable me to teach Traffic Skills 101 class, lead Bike Rodeos for kids, and teach Confident Cycling classes.

I've been interested in bike education for some time, but it's kind of an ordeal to go through all this. The LCI course has a prerequisite of TS-101, which makes sense. To register, you also need to join League of American Bicyclists, which provides the LCI certification and you need to be affiliated with a group (in my case, Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota).

By the time you add this all up, the total cost for the memberships and course work totals $320. That's a lot less than some training (Wilderness First Responder is about $800, but it's also an 80 hour course). Still, at that price, it's a barrier to a lot of people, I suspect.

I am scheduled to complete the LCI course work in late June, so hopefully I'll pass (not that I am worried about that) and be able to get some teaching in yet this summer.

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