May 22, 2011

The Week(end) in Review

Wet Clunker
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Another weekend draws to a close and I find myself surveying what I accomplished (and didn't). Thankfully, we were unscathed by the tornadoes that struck the Twin Cities today...

I was signed up for the Lake Pepin 3-speed Tour this weekend, but ended up canceling last week. Lack of planning, or rather attention, on my part, plus the other things competing for attention on my calendar ruled the day, and I sent the Shirt-Tail Organizer an email last week canceling. Hopefully someone else was able to get in because I canceled. Then again, with the weather we had this weekend, that may not be much of a good deed, after all.

I put my time to good use, however. I shot Saturday (literally) by taking some friends to the range to give them some exposure to target shooting. I love shooting, but don't do it very much. I find it very meditative - the amount of concentration required to accurately fire a pistol or rifle requires one to push every other thought from their head, and to pay attention to breathing. Few other things we do require that level of concentration. Drawing comes close, but not much else I can think of.

We sampled a wide range of calibers, but kept the distance close to yield positive results. The immediate feedback on a range is interesting. There are few other areas in life where you can take some sort of action and get immediate, definitive feedback on how you did. Endless opportunity to improve, experiment and learn. Plus, guns are involved!

Sunday was spent running a few much-needed errands and completing some chores, including yet another shake-down on the 3-speed. I now (finally) have the bike dialed-in like a frickin' F-16; the pesky cone tension problem is resolved and it's silky smooth (as least as silky smooth as a 40-year old bike can be).

On that note, I need to plan the next TC3-SAS ride. I am thinking two weeks from now (first weekend in June). Something casual and scenic. Details will be forthcoming...

Meanwhile, the TC3-SAS spoke cards are back from the printer and they look great!. I will be giving these away to anyone that shows up for a ride and wants one. I may leak some to friends as well - I seem to have plenty.

Now to gird the loins for another work week, which should prove to be interesting and significant. Details to follow on that as well.

Be well, do good, appreciate what you have.


  1. Too bad about the Lake Pepin tour -- I mean that you didn't get to ride.

    I found an archery range two blocks from my house and it provides the same sort of concentration outlet for me (and archery is pretty cheap after buying the bow, arrows, and a couple accessories).

  2. My brother and I did archery when we were young. He was quite good, as I recall. I've been wanting to get back into that.

    How is the recovery going, by the way? Well, I hope. I am hoping some day soon I'll see you out and about on a bike...