May 19, 2011

RESCHEDULED: Time for Direct Action

I have been trying to get the local business association at 48th and Chicago to add a bike corral to improve bike parking. Background is available here and here. I've run into a dead end and need your help to get this un-stuck.

Parking is not great at this intersection, but there are a ton of destinations that draw bikes (Turtle Bread, Townhall Tap, Pepito's, etc.). I have spoken to the President of the business association and lobbied him on this issue. He's supportive and brought the issue to the association members. The consensus is that they are supportive of trying a bike corral, but they do not want to spend any Association money on this, nor are any of the merchants willing to pay for this on their own.


I would like to put together as many cyclists as we can on Saturday, May 28 Sunday, June 5 for a short, fun group ride. We'll meet in front of Midtown Freewheel, ride en masse to 48th and Chicago and drop leaflets with all the local merchants asking for improved bike parking. While doing that, we will let them know that we are continuing on to Buster's/A Baker's Wife/Angry Catfish to spend money of coffee, food, beer and bakery at a location with better parking. The merchant can then watch us ride over the hill and think about the merits of on-street bike parking.

I am not trying to be a jerk here, but I don't know what else is going to make them see that bike riders are good customers.

Meet at Midtown Freewheel at noon, Saturday, May 28 SUNDAY, JUNE 5. We'll roll out by about 12:10, make it to 48th and Chicago in time for the peak of lunch, do the drop and talk and be at Buster's enjoying a cold drink by about 1:30 PM.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come along - for this to be effective, I'll need a lot of cyclists, so if you can fit this into your weekend, I would really appreciate it.


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