Mar 26, 2011

Pen Pal

I have an international Pen Pal, of sorts.

Overly Curious Bystander (aka "Overly Curious") is a contact on Flickr. I think we found each other on the 650b Flickr Group, or maybe perhaps Bike-By Shootings. At any rate, we both post photos there occasionally. We connected via Flickr and liked each other's photos enough that we ended up keeping track of each others adventures via photo posts and the odd comment now and then.

Back in February, I offered a small token of appreciation to anyone reading this blog from a foreign land. Overly Curious was a recipient of this offer. He received a MBL spoke card plus a Milwaukee Bicycle Co. sticker and a Trash Bag messenger bag sticker.

He posted a confirmation picture when the eagle had finally landed in extreme Southern England. I am hoping he posts a photo of the spoke card that clearly places this somewhere in England, but until then, all I have is this photo, which I pinched from his Flickr site.

Today I received a small package from England. I opened it to discover a little Trans-Atlantic quid pro quo.

Overly Curious sent over a book on the English Riviera Global Geopark as well as a few English cycling stickers (plus a Milwaukee Bicycle "SOYO" sticker as well. Sweet!

It's funny how amusing this little foreign exchange has been. It's a slow moving game, but very engaging. Go find yourself a foreign pen pal and try it yourself. You'll feel like grade-schooler once more.

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