Mar 13, 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I got an email yesterday from an e-friend that I have not seen since the times of summer breezes and beers at Sea Salt. His message was a small unexpected ray of sunshine on what was otherwise a low gray day. It contained news of winter health challenges as well as the promise of leisurely county rides in better days ahead.

A fitting, timely and welcome message. It's hard to believe it's been slightly over a year since my realization that I need to do some serious work on becoming more perfect from now on or it's going to be a prolonged and unhappy state of affairs. Things are going better on that front but it's still a struggle at times.

I feel, however, as though the current of time is accelerating and carrying me more quickly toward that metaphorical waterfall which will fling me into a new life and new opportunities. A chance to take in some longer rides, explore some new territory and generally get reacquainted with what's good in this world and what's worthwhile. In a lot of ways, it feels similar to the last few weeks of school, looking ahead to a glorious summer break.

A few new and interesting projects are looming, the snow banks are now receding, and that light at the end of tunnel doesn't look quite so much like the train.

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