Mar 6, 2011


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I walked around Macalester College this afternoon looking for a store I remember going to years ago. I found the store, Zimmerman's Dry Goods, but it was closed. Coffee News saved the day, but the real discovery was the shameful waste of abandoned bikes by (presumably) students at Macalester.

I saw probably four different racks of bikes plowed under and numerous other one- and two-bike racks with abandoned bikes in various stages of destruction. When the snow finally melts, these will be unrideable for sure.

I don't understand why people don't bother to donate these things to Sibley, MMRB. If that's too much hassle, just leave them in an alley with a "FREE" sign on them - somebody would gladly take what you cast aside. Hopefully, Public Works will come by with an angle grinder and cut these carcasses off so others can use the racks, but that's needless public expense and it's a blight on the neighborhood around Macalester.

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