Mar 29, 2011

The Truth about Spring

2nd Ave. at 40th Street
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Everyone acts like Spring is all about flowers, birds and sunshine - maybe a few rainbows and some unicorns now and then.

Actually, when the snow recedes after something like 5 or 6 months of smothering the earth, what's exposed is a lot ruder than daffodils and tulips. Gray gritty grass covered in snow mold and punctuated by faded scraps of paper and crushed plastic drink bottles is pretty common around here at the moment.

One of my bus friends confessed to having mixed feelings about the snow melting. "I am glad it's gone, but it's so ugly" she said. I agree. I can't wait for it to melt because that means it will be greening up soon. Not soon enough for my pleasure, however.

I think we are finally out of the grips of winter, though, so I think it's mostly fair well to the bus at this point and hello to the fat-tired-single-speed-ass-hatchet-commuter bike, or perhaps the Rawland, from here on out. I'll miss the reading time, and a bus friend or two, but I have to say that my mood is so much better when I ride instead of bus or drive, so that will be a welcome change.

Hopefully we'll have some warmer temperatures and some lush green goodness for my first planned group ride - it's going to be a spin around the Grand Rounds starting at the Longfellow Grill (Lake St. and W. River Parkway) at 11:00 on April 16. It's couched as a 3-speed ride, just because I want to ride that bike, but anyone who shows up will be welcomed regardless of what's between your legs.

Hang in there, the snow is melting a little each day and soon it will be rainbows and unicorns, dammit.

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  1. There's a great song by The Brass Kings called "When the Springtime Comes" that touches on the themes you bring up here. One of the lines is:

    First you find a sock
    Then you find a shoe
    Then you find the body that it belonged to