Mar 23, 2011

Studio Bricolage

This is tremendously exciting!

Studio Bricolage may be expanding. As stated on their website, 'Studio Bricolage, a project of Leonardo’s Basement, is a 21st century, community-driven art, craft and technology playground for creative and adventurous adults who want to tinker, get messy, make mistakes, try again, experiment, geek out, chill out, invent and have fun in a casual, informal setting. Studio Bricolage offers classes and exhibitions at various locations and is known for its First Friday Adult Building Parties."

I had no idea such a thing existed - I am familiar with Leonardo's Basement but thought it was for kids and teens only. It's nice they are making some room for the grown-up kids, too.

What's more exciting still is that they might be expanding into some new space - they are potentially moving into an empty car dealership in the Midway. Here's the details:
Our goal is to establish a fully-equipped workshop for Studio Bricolage, our revolutionary community art, technology and engineering program, plus Leo’s Loft, the teen program at Leonardo’s Basement. Shared work space will include wood and metalworking equipment, art and craft materials, automotive equipment, computer design center and other services.
The former car dealership contains 40,000 sq ft, twice as much as Studio Bricolage needs. We are seeking tenants to sublet space. If you know individuals or groups looking for a place to build, meet, teach or do business, invite them to take a look.
The well-maintained building includes a beautiful showroom, garage service area with 18’ ceiling and a lots of multi-purpose and storage space. We know that the rent will be below market rate and we are developing specific numbers.
Come see for yourself, help us dream up ideas and plan a one-of-a-kind collaborative design and build center in the heart of the Twin Cities. Invite the world. No children, ages 16+ only.
PS We have extended an invitation to Charlie Sheen.
Questions? Contact Steve Jevning at 612-220-3171 or
I have longed for a studio/workshop space for a long time, so I intend to go check this out, and I think playing at Studio Bricolage and trying my hand at welding, etc. would be a blast.  You can "kick the tires" on Saturday, April 2 at the potential new space, which is located at 1225 University Ave. in St. Paul.

Hopefully this will come together. Stay tuned...

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