Mar 10, 2011

Bike Love in England

Originally uploaded by overly curious bystander
Back in February, I gave a Shout Out to Our Foreign Friends, offering a MPLS Bike Love spoke card to anyone from a foreign country who followed this blog.

So far, I have had only one taker, my Flickr contact "Overly Curious Bystander". Overly Curious has some seriously killer bikes, including a Singular Peregrine that I am particularly envious of. I sent the spoke card off awhile ago, and the eagle has finally landed, as confirmed by this photo.

I am hoping he'll post a photo of this card in a place that's clearly and definitively in England. In the meantime, I am awaiting a little care package from him as well. I have been warned that Bike Culture in Southern England is scarce, but he promised to pound something out for me, so I am curious with the post will be delivering.

Rigtenzin - I have one for you as well if you are interested. Leave a message and I'll schedule a delivery for you.

That is all.

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  1. Being a non-foreign entity, I didn't respond earlier. But if Rigtenzin is in, I'm in...