Mar 15, 2011

3-Speed Deals to be Had

If anybody is looking around for a good deal on a 3-speed, on Sunday afternoon, March 27 Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles will be having a "3-Speed Day" and by that I mean that they will be pulling together all of the 3-speeds from their various and assorted secure, undisclosed locations and getting them into the store to admire and purchase. The shop is at 520 N. Prior in the Midway of St. Paul.

You are already too late to sign up for the Lake Pepin 3-speed tour this year - it's full, apparently. However, I will be doing a few 3-speed rides again this summer, including a Grand Rounds jaunt and a ride to Coon Rapids dam in May or June. This is a lovely, leisurely way to enjoy the city because you can't possibly go fast on these things, which is sometimes just what I need. Stay tuned for details...

If cargo bikes are the next fixed gear, then 3-speeds are the next cargo bike. Definately maybe.

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