Mar 31, 2011

Flood Ride, Nice Ride, 30 Days of Riding

Three important topics to touch on tonight:

  1. Flood Ride!! - On Sunday some intrepid cyclists will be venturing afield to survey flooding in the Mississippi and Minnesota Riverways. We will be meeting in Minnehaha Park and riding through Fort Snelling, Crossing the Mendota Bridge, checking out the trail from Mendota to Cedar Ave. bridge, checking out Lillydale Road, exploring Crosby Farms, etc. This will be a ramble and many dead-ends and turn-arounds are expected, but it will be a day of adventure. Details and late-breaking news can be found at the only place I get all my news. Anyone interested in joining us is heartily welcomed! This is a friendly group and we will keep the drunken bon-fire-jumping and criminal trespasses to an absolute minimum.
  2. Nice Ride is redeploying their bikes in the next week or so. The Nice Ride memberships are on sale for a mere $40, so this is a good time to get one if you are thinking about doing so. The program is expanding this year, so it's good that this is working out so well. I heard a presentation from Nice Ride yesterday at the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting and it all sounds good. The variable on deploying bikes will be weather, but they will be out soon. 
  3. 30-days of Biking starts tonight at Midnight. I am registered already and we have organized a group from our office to participate in an informal competition. Not that I am overly competitive, but I am going to win this, no matter what it takes.
The photo with this post is the product of a short photo safari I took over my lunch hour today. If this is your bike, I am sorry, but that fork set up is, um, "different" as they would say in Minnesota.

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