Mar 19, 2011

Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society

Dust 'em off and fix 'em up... I am announcing the advent of the Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society (TC3-SAS).

This is no costume ball, and the age or county of origin of you bike is of no import. TC3-SAS is for intrepid cyclists looking to take on the world with nothing but their wits, their will and 3 gear ratios (slow, moderately slow, and medium). What we may lack in speed, we more than make up for in elan, esprit de corps and intrepidness.

Although I am not worthy, I will humbly lead this hardy bunch in a series of 3-speed rides this season. We'll be venturing further afield this year, traveling to Coon Rapids Dam, circumnavigating the Grand Rounds, exploring downtown St. Paul and potentially taking on the length of the Luce Line - all via 3-speed!

So, Comrades, fix up your Old Clankies - drop some 30-weight into the SA hubs, lube the chains and pump up the 26 x 1 3/8 tires. You can buy one of these for $100 on CL for that matter. But... leave the English stuff and tweed at home. Instead, bring water, Cliff Bars and your sense of adventure. We'll be doing rides from 25 - 60 miles in length, selecting routes based on aesthetics, topography and our sense of adventure.

The first ride will likely happen in mid- to late-April. Stay tuned for more information, but get those Sturmey Archer hubs oiled up, because this is going to be the event the hipsters wished they had thought up.


  1. Excellent. Based on the feedback on Bike Love and your reply, we have three Strong Men. And me.