Aug 24, 2011

Flash Back!

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After nearly two months of not going to work (in fact, I have not even worn pants in two months), I had a work flash back yesterday.

It all started innocently enough. Molly has been collecting a list of restaurants and bars with good outdoor seating. What could be more pleasant during my time off than dining alfresco with my sweetie, after all? We've been working through the list and enjoying...

Next up on our hit parade of outdoor dining was Kincaid's, a highly rated restaurant in Bloomington. I was a little suspicious of the location (494 and France) but we saddled up and headed out nonetheless. Once we turned off of American Drive and into the office park, I began to have work flashblacks, however.

For those that don't know, Kincaids is located on the ground floor of a glass office building in that complex south of 494 and just east of France Ave. It is the consumate business-lunch place. As I walked in, I was reminded of countless lunches and dinners in similar restaurants in Houston. The place was full of business people - generic tall guys who should lose about 25 pounds, wearing black loafers, dark dress pants and a 3-button golfing shirts. The big shots wear a button-down shirt. Some have little portfolios or attache cases, others (the ones being schmoozed) don't have anything with them.

I couldn't help but overhear the small talk. Shallow pleasantries about family, golfing and summer vacations. Then comes the appetizers/salads and the pitch starts. Responsiveness, quality, on-time delivery, inventory management, follow through. Groan. When lunch comes and it's time for question and answer. By the time the plates are being cleared, it's back to safe chat about plans for Christmas or where the kids are going to college.

The script was the same at all the tables around me, but the specifics varied based on what was being pitched, of course. The whole thing just repulsed me and reaffirmed how glad I am to be out of that work world.

Although our food was good, we paid the bill, got back in the car, and drove out of the multi-level parking ramp, resolving to never go back.

In more ways than one.


  1. I love this post so much.

    In other news, I just got my paperwork: After 3 years, I am now a permanent employee. Celebrate.

    (I don't wear pants until autumn.)

  2. Congratulations on being permanent!! The next step is becoming "essential".