Aug 31, 2011

Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society to Circumnavigate St. Paul

ernest manning
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On Saturday at 9:00 AM, the intrepid cyclists of TC3-SAS will be circumnavigating St. Paul. The route will bring us a few hills, but we'll face these confidently with our planetary gearing, our muscles and our wit.

We will meet at The Cross and have a breakfast stop planned at Swede Hollow Cafe, so bring a lock and some money if you want to join in that action.

TC3-SAS rides are no-drop, social events that all cyclists are welcomed at. Although The Management will be tackling these rides on classic 3-speeds, riders on other bikes are welcomed and encouraged so long as they maintain a roadster pace and eschew lycra and carbon fiber for the ride.

If you have never made a TC3-SAS, now is your chance!

You can also find TC3-SAS on Google Groups and Facebook!


  1. hey thanks for posting my photo
    of the superbe

  2. Thanks for posting it on Flickr! It's a lovely bike.