Jul 15, 2011

Week Two

Water's Kinda High
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We got almost 2.5 inches of rain at the house today. This on top of rain yesterday and last night as well. The rain has had me bottled up a little more than I would like, but we have gotten a number of things crossed of the to-do list, so at least I am making good use of the time.

Today marks the second week of not working. The first week felt like a long weekend - there was a farewell party at work, then immediately we traveled to Milwaukee and Madison for family visits and a bridal shower over the July 4 weekend.

Because of the road trip, that first week off really "started" on Tuesday with a solo ride the length of the Dakota Trail on the new bike. I had my first LCI teaching experience on Thursday of that week (assisting with a kid's bike rodeo at the U of M) and that shot much of that day.

Over the weekend I kept busy with a reprise of the Flood Ride on Saturday and a steamy 3-speed ride on Sunday, so the weekend flew by.

This week has been more of a vacation - canoeing the Cannon River, and a ride out to Riley Lake in Eden Prairie early on, and house projects (deck and side yard rose garden) began to take shape in the later part of the week. I salted in a few posts on Cycle Twin Cities in there as well.

Unstructured time is an interesting experiment. I've spent the last 25 years or so having to be at the office, and have always maintained a pretty predictable schedule. By now that feels pretty natural, so I am maintaining a calendar and I am generally scheduled out about a week in advance. There's a lot more free time, but I think without something on the calendar I would tend to drift a little more than I would be comfortable with.

So far, so good, though. I've seen more friends and ridden more miles in the past two weeks than any other time I can think of, and that's the kind of catching up I seem to need right now.

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