Jul 26, 2008

Back for a Bit

Returned safely from another week in Anchorage at about 6:00 tonight. That was a long trip - left Sunday morning and returned on Saturday. Many, many meetings and a team building evening as well, so I am pretty used up at the moment. Sunday will be for R&R and then it's off to Calgary for three more days of meetings regarding the Big Pipe.

Anchorage was cool and cloudy/rainy all week. The locals are complaining loudly about the non-summer they are having. Hopefully, August will be warmer and sunnier for them, but typically that month is kind of drizzly in ANC.

I was so tied up that I took no pictures during the trip, nor did I post anything all week. The photo at right is the Coastal Plain, about 50 miles south of Prudhoe Bay (I am pretty certain this is in ANWR, by the way). It was taken in 2006 during a road trip from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay and back to recon the pipeline route and visit Toolik Research Station. Toolik is affiliated with the University of Alaska - Fairbanks and welcomed us with a tour and lunch in the cafeteria, which was nice since it's not like there are lots of good restaurants around there.

So, no news but at least I am home for a bit. That's it - ride safe and have fun out there this weekend.

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