Jul 19, 2008

BikeLove Picnic

MPLS BikeLove turned two years old this month and a picnic was organized at Brackett Park in South MPLS to celebrate the event. It was a good time. Met up with a lot of BikeLovers that I have traded messages with or sold stuff to and got to sample a lot of interesting food.

I managed to bring over a very large and ugly "Happy Birthday" sheet cake in my BOB trailer. Surprisingly, it survived the trip well and was not bounced or mashed into goo by the time I rode over there. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the cake in the trailer, but I just hauled it out and put it on the table. Evidence of the cake is, however, visible in one of the photos below.

The rain held long enough to enjoy the event. On MBL, most people use "handles" and have an icon that represents them in posts. One of the members (ThirteenofClubs) made us buttons with our icons on them so we could identify each other. That was a really nice touch and helped me identify many, including Nickel, hereNT, Radlerin, Sveden, Biker7, Fatguy1967, Graff, MacGyver, Euterpe, Deplaquer, Pannierpacker, and many others.

Here's some poor photos of the event (I specialize in people's backs, it seems):

MacGyver was kind enough to bring over his nice camera and tripod on his Big Dummy, so many of us posed for bike portraits; when I get mine, I'll post it. A slack line was also set up and many tried their hands at that. I did not; I was busy accidentally crushing someone's cell phone at that time.

Packing for another week in Los Anchorage tonight. I'll bring the camera and post if anything interesting happens, but for now, that's the news from here.

Ride safe, have fun, and don't worry, it's going to okay.


  1. Great to meet you, next time I gotta stay through the weekend.

  2. Hey shishi - It was great to meet with you as well. I highly recommend a weekend stay if you can swing it. Hope the rest of your trip to MSP was good and thatyou had a safe trip back home. Keep in touch!