Jul 1, 2008

Out and About

Late last week Molly and I rode to One on One to meet up for a CD swap with a Bike Lover. She does not ride downtown much and the center-of-the-street bike lane on Marquette made her a little nervous, but she did great and we had a nice ride and lunch.

We survived our family reunion in Sturgeon Bay, WI this weekend with little trauma. It was a long ride to Milwaukee to meet up with my parents. We got a handicapped van a few months ago to make trips possible with my Dad, and this was it's maiden voyage. We had no trouble on the way up and the family reunion/Gramma's 100th birthday party was a success.

Here is Molly and my Gram - they get along quite well and had a nice chat.

Long drive back to MPLS on Monday, but we made it back in time for a late supper. I am posting a few other pics for my sibs, who may want a copy as well...

That's sister and brother-in-law prepping their plane for the short flight back to Racine (Scott is a flight instructor and co-owns a small plane with a couple of other guys). That's the latest news - nice seeing you all at the reunion, enjoy the pics.

More non-family stuff later, but for now this is all I've got.


  1. I really dig the counter flow bus and bike lanes in downtown. Seems to make a lot of sense protection wise without building a separate bike track.

    Gramma is 100, that is awesome.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Shishi. I like the counter flows as well, but it took some getting used to the first time I rode it. It works very well and from the bicyclist perspective you have good visibility; the only disadvantage is that it seems pretty easy for a driver that is turning left to miss a cyclist and turn into them. That has not happened to me, but it is something I watch for. This is Marquette Ave., which is going to "re-done" this fall. I am not sure what the bike lane will look like afterward; I was hoping to get some info. about that at the Bike Plan open house I missed on June 19. I will have to search the interweb to find out what the plan is now.

    As for Gram making it to 100, yeah, that is awesome!