Jul 13, 2008

Bad CL: Expend the Effort, Again.

Good Lord! This came up on Craig's List yesterday:

"vintage raceing bike 70/s tour de france /ginay - $800 (st paul mn)
Reply to: sale-752479373@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-12, 3:51PM CDT

this is a early raceing bike from the 70/s all original needs pedals and seat has not been used for a very long time has been hanging in my basement since the late 80/s has original tires and components it is very light ps silver in color has deposse? components record rims. cranks, sun tour gears the frame is double butted has the name ginny on head tube .allso made in france ,tour de france ,ground to top tube is 31''stronglight cranks and chain rings"

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This is the kind of illiterate CL post that gives us all a bad name. No photo, thankfully, but I know enough from this post to know that the bike has deposse (what??). It's too bad; this could be a neat bike, but at $800 it's probably way over priced. That deposse might be an old Stronglight Super Competition crank set - one of the coolest looking cranks around, imho. Still, if this post was better and included a picture, I would have probably checked it out.

Alas, the times we live in.

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