Nov 5, 2008

Bicycle Clip Art and Trail Watch in MPLS?

I discovered a
website tonight that has bicycle themed clip art available. Here is a sample for your viewing pleasure.

I got a contact from the Good People at the Midtown Greenway Coalition today about organizing a citizen's patrol of the Greenway in response to some recent assaults, attempted assaults and other incidents that have occurred recently.  

I was very active in the Anchorage Trail Watch program when we lived there between 2003 and 2006.  The Anchorage Trail Watch program was effective In the first months of 2003 operations, over 150 individuals had signed up to become Trail Watch volunteers.  Trail Watch volunteers helped summon emergency responders for injured trail users and  assisted stranded cyclists to repair their bikes, reported suspicious activity on trails and in trail parking lots that has led to targeted police patrols.  Trail Watch reports of litter resulted in the removal of over 1 ton of garbage by ARBRA volunteers.  By the end of 2006, over 300 individuals were active volunteers supporting the efforts of Trails Watch.  We also reported a lot of graffiti to the city which would send crews around to remove it.

I am looking forward to helping the Greenway Coalition with this effort and hope it can as effective in MPLS as it was in ANC.  

That's it. Be careful out there.

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