Nov 1, 2008

Late Fall

I spent a little time this afternoon "laying in" wood for winter.  That's an expression I used to hear out east but people don't seem to use much in Minnesota.  Like any self respecting urban dweller, I got a load of organic, free-range wood that was humanely harvested in a sustainable manner by sensitive, thoughtful people who care about the earth.  This year I bought 1/3 of a cord. Last year I made the mistake of getting 1/2 cord and we had to stash it all over the place, but it did last all winter. This will probably not quite make it through the winter, but that's okay.

The halloween kegger was a smashing success.  We got rolling about 6:00 and stayed 'til about 8:30, although some of my more socially inclined neighbors shut 'er down about midnight.  We hauled lawn chairs out and set up around a fire pit in the front yard, sipping wine and beer and munching appetizers that all the neighbors brought over. 

Tonight's event - a birthday party for a friend's one-year-old daughter. Yes - the party never stops at our house!

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