Nov 11, 2008

The Trophy Kids Go To Work

The Wall Street Journal ran an article in late October about the "Millennial" generation entering the work force.  Conventional wisdom chides the Millennials for an entitlement mentality and a lack of willingness to dig in and work hard.  We have experienced this phenomenon to some extent at my office and I hear about this from colleagues at other companies as well.  As a Gen X'er, this is a little hard for me to relate to.  Us Generation X people are supposed to be quite jaded and cynical (we grew up with many parents divorced, large companies laying off our parents and little trust in government to fix anything, so we tend to have a "look out for number 1" mindset and little loyalty to anything, supposedly). It will be interesting to see how this shakes out in the coming years as the Millennials find out what it takes to move up the corporate ladder. 

The full text of the article can be found on the Wall Street Journal's site at this location. It's worth the click if you have the time.

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