Nov 22, 2008

MBL Swap Meet

The Bike Lover's held a swap meet on Sunday at Solomon's Porch, a Christian church on 46th Street just west of I-35W in South MPLS.  I packed up a Rubbermaid tote full of cast-off parts and headed over there about 12:00 to try and get rid of the old junk and score some new junk. As the picture above indicates, basically, as someone arrived, they were swarmed and the good stuff carted off in short order, leaving the misfit parts for the late-comers.

It was pretty sparsely attended.  Despite having (hand's down) the lousiest pile of used bike parts in the room, I managed to get rid of a crank set off an old Raleigh, two seat posts and to saddles* and a few other miscellaneous parts.  Interestingly (at least to me), I had two new-in-the-box 26-inch inner tubes that nobody wanted. I finally gave them away to a couple of guys that had stuff on tables.

For the most part, the stuff was not too interesting - lots of used tires and old wheels (singles - very few pairs).  There were good deals to be found, however. I heard that one person sold a set of new wheels off a Crosscheck for $25 and a Brooks saddle for $20 or so.  The guy at the table next to me had  a Mavic/Ultegra wheel for $20 that was tempting, but I truly have no use for such a thing at the moment.

Otherwise a very quiet weekend for us. Getting back from Anchorage always drains me somewhat, so we got caught up on sleep, ran errands and got ready for T-day. Molly and I will be hosting a few friends at our house this year and we are looking forward to that. She let me get a 19 pound bird and I get to use my beloved roaster oven, so I've got my bases covered.

* actually, these were more "ass-hatchets" than saddles, but the buyer will find that out in due time.

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