Feb 15, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Podium Girls

With the start of the Tour of California upon us, my attention is again directed to Podium Girls. I have always wondered about these mysterious lovelies, patiently waiting at the end of each stage to hand over a bouquet, maybe a stuffed toy, and of course, to smooch the victors valiant.

Pez Cycling News had a recent interview with a podium girl! Now all is revealed (okay... not quite all). Lien Crapoen, our Pez podium girl, fills in the blanks on how to land the job and what a "day at the office" is like (spoiler - essentially, becoming a podium girl seems to require being good looking, female, and a little nepotism).  That would count me out on all three criteria.

1 comment:

  1. HA! I'm out too, on all but one :D I'm a girl :-P! I'm not THAT good looking, well, not PODIUM wise anyway, and I sure don't KNOW anyone in the business *pouts* Sure looks like fun thogh!

    I'd enjoy it :-D!