Feb 1, 2009

Strategic Reconfiguration - Phase 3

The third and final phase of my bike realignment (at least for now), is the addition of an old school, steel mountain bike to the stable. This takes the place of the Pugsley and then some, allowing me to ride single track which I really enjoyed in Connecticut and would like to do here occasionally) and to run studs in winter.  This came to me used, although it looks to be in virtually brand new condition. I can't tell exactly how old it is, but I would guess early 1990's or so. It has mostly Shimano XT stuff on it and some very nice, light Mavic rims.  The whole bike is pretty light, which is unusual for me, and is tons of fun to ride.

More images on Flickr.

EDIT - Bike Lovers are so great.

Here's some more information about the bike. It's a 1996 (a little newer than I was thinking). Thank you Slimpee for the 411.


  1. That's a really nice bike. I like the brakes.

  2. Thanks. It's actually a little nicer than I was looking for, but it was reasonably priced and I am such a sucker for steel bikes. I suspect you'll get a chance to see this one before too long.

  3. Brakes are probably "Marin Lights" and were stock with the bike. They were probably made by Tektro or perhaps WTB.