Feb 19, 2009

Fame - I'm Going to Live Forever...

Okay, probably not. But my bike is more famous...

Theglife, author of Xtracycle Gallery, recently contacted me to ask about posting a photo of my Cross Check conversion.  I said "heck yeah" and now it's up.  Here's a link to the post on his Xtracycle blog. He got a nice shot of the bike and a "before" photo for comparison.  


  1. Oh that's SO cool! You're famous now! YIPPEE! That is an awesome conversion! How much can you carry back there?

  2. Mine is posted 3 times. Once by accident (I my bike was originally mis-identified as MacGyvers) once on a post I sent in and one that Theglife asked to post from Flickr.

    Good times, good times...