Feb 2, 2009

Let the Cyclism Begin

Versus has a page up on their website that shows the pro cycling coverage for the 2009 season. The season began with the Tour Down Under, which I all but missed due to not paying attention and the fact that those dirty dogs at Versus tagged this as "Tour Down Under" rather than the usual "Cycling" so my DVR missed it. Next up is the Tour of California, which starts on Valentines Day (my wife will love that).

Predictably, they also have a "Tour de Lance" page devoted to the second coming of Lance. That disappoints me a little bit - before Versus, TDF coverage was the domain of OLN, which I have long maintained stands for the Only Lance Network. I appreciate what Lance did, but I really enjoyed getting a chance to see Jens Voight, Christian Vandevelde and a host of other good riders race it out. I suspect Versus will play up and Armstrong angle to a grotesque proportion, but perhaps the presence of other good U.S. teams like Columbia and Garmin out there, they may try and cover the whole race, not just one guy's race.

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