Feb 1, 2009

Mt. Redoubt Gets Restless

Mt. Redoubt, about 160 miles or so from Anchorage, is showing indications that it might erupt in the near future.  Here is a link to Volcano Observatory in Anchorage for more details. There is a chain of active volcanos along the west side of Cook Inlet, southwest of Anchorage, and when we lived in Anchorage, Mt. Spur got restless and erupted a few times. We never had an ash fall in Anchorage when I lived there, but some ash from Mt. Spur was found just southeast of town. This activity coincides with increased earthquake activity, and the earthquake feed at the right backs that up.  They had a sizable earthquake in Anchorage the day after I left most recently, and quite a few smaller shakes since then.

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