Apr 24, 2009

Must be Grumpy Tonight or Something...

I became a Facebook "fan" of Transit for Livable Communities recently. I have a friend that's pretty active with this group, and in general I support transit and public transportation so it made sense to became a "fan", I thought. In fact, while I was at it, I also volunteered for a few things on the TLC site as well.

Today when I got home I saw this video link which was posted by TLC on Facebook. I've got to say, it turns me off. If they think this is going to be effective advocacy, this might not be the group for me.

Go ahead - fund the buses. I agree 100%. In fact, I'll be happy to write a letter, send an email, or maybe even speak at a public hearing to support this. But, I will not be very hopeful that goofy community theatre happenings will help to get this done.

Please support House File 1309.

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