Apr 4, 2009

Saturday Morning Bike Ride and MMRB

I got moving early and was able to get a decent bike ride in this morning before the wintery mess descends upon us yet again one more time. I shook the dust off the road bike, pumped the tires up to 100 and ventured across the river to that mysterious land called St. Paul. I was pleased that I was not quite as woefully out of shape as I thought I was. Take that, Marshal Ave. hill!

Met up with Mike and Benita for a short ride around the Midway (they were on a great Schwinn Twin) and then we retired to Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles (their not-for-profit bike shop) to help celebrate their belated grand opening with coffee, snacks and some bike fellowship.

The shop looks good - a few of us went over there some time around Thanksgiving to help crank out some bikes for their Christmas Wishes program. Benita read a very nice thank you note this morning from someone that got several of the bikes we worked on that day, so it was nice to get a chance to hear what a difference that little good deed made to a family in need. 

They have been busy - 61 bikes out the door so far this year.

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