Jun 13, 2009

The First Really Nice Day of 2009

It was readily apparent that today was the first really wicked nice day of 2009 in Minneapolis. Sunny, warm, low humidity. It was awesome. 

We met friends for breakfast at the BW and they had the windows up and the breezes were coming in. And it was good. The Spouse and I then rode over to another friend's house in Kenwood this afternoon and it was an absolute free-for-all on the Parkway and around the Lakes. 

I am absolutely convinced that commuting downtown by bike in the rain at rush hour is safer than riding on the Minneapolis bike trails on a warm sunny day. Huge numbers of people out today. Bikers, walkers, rollerbladers, dog-walkers all claiming the day. Lake Calhoun was crawling with sunbathers (I thought that was out what with skin cancer and all). It looked like some sort of Red Cross mass-casualty drill with all those people laying around on the ground. 

On the negative side, if you drove your car, yoy had plenty of time to enjoy the weather because traffic was a freaking mess. Both I-35W and I-94 have large sections of road closed in MPLS today due to construction, so that shunted a lot of traffic off on to Cedar Ave. and plugged up the Crosstown most of the day. Better to stay on the bike or the deck today. Also on the negative side, I am missing the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee this weekend, but another weekend out-of-town didn't sound good and I had some things flare up at work late this week that kept me home, so maybe next year...

Tomorrow should be even nicer. I am hosting a company geocaching event over at Hyland Lake Park in Bloomington on Sunday afternoon, and we could have not gotten luckier with the weather. Hopefully people will have some fun and not get too much sun, and hopefully the ticks won't be too bad.

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