Jun 11, 2009

The True Cost of Infrastructure Improvements

The current onslaught of road repairs is really trying my patience. Those that have been here before know about the Marq2. It's got downtown tied up like a Christmas present and will for the rest of the summer. It drives me nuts partly because it has got traffic messed up and has rerouted buses, but now the noise is positively giving me the howling fantods. Sitting in my 10th floor office I listen to a Vac truck about 7 hours out of the day right now. No wonder I have been out of sorts...

If that's not enough, these photos are from my very own neighborhood. We are getting our water mains "relined", whatever that means. Vogon Destructor Crews arrived in Northrup a few weeks ago and chopped up the pavement, erected barriers and dropped mounds of dirt here and there.

What's interesting is that I have never, ever seen these people working. Not once. Never. They must keep banker's hours, because I can see signs of activity, but I have never actually seen anything happen.

I am sure the project is expensive. You can't even put up a stop light without it costing an unbelievable amount of money, so this has to be big bucks. But I am certain none of the estimates for these projects take into account the hassle-factor from people that are directly affected. 

Good thing, that, or The City would probably lay on one seriously hefty special assessment on me for all this mess.

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