Jun 23, 2009

The Trouble with MultI-Modal Transit

Bike at Bus Stop
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With construction tying up downtown MPLS like a Christmas present, I considered going multi-modal a few weeks ago. My plan was to walk my bike north a few blocks to the light rail station, use my transit pass to board the light rail, and then let LRT carry me serenely out of the chaos and noise of downtown to something like 50th street or the VA station, where I would debark and have a pleasant ride home.

As I approached the light rail station, I watched the train pull slowly away without me. Groaning, I swiped my pass and stood there for about 5 minutes, waiting for the next train, which was due in about 5 more minutes. Finally, a small, quiet voice in my head punched through and screamed "YOU HAVE A DAMN BIKE! WHY ARE YOU WAITING HERE?!

Good question.

I had no good answer. I got on my bike and rode home, and have not tried that since then.

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  1. Hilarious. Also, I have been meaning to show you a spokecard I think you may like.