Jun 7, 2009

Meet the Bronze Queen of the Lake

Enough of waiting for summer! I braved the cold breezes and headed to that mysterious lake known by some as "Nokomis" this morning to try and lure the Bronze Queen of the Lake from her hiding place. 

Armed with a bag of my secret "Dough Ball  Delight" recipe, I patiently plied the waters of the mighty Nokomis, and was rewarded with this beauty. The runs were angry and the battle fierce, but in the end, I brought her to my feet. Interestingly, the hook broke as I was freeing this magnificent creature. 

To think how close I came to losing this trophy...

EDIT: For those of you that have earned the Boy Scouts "Finger Printing" merit badge, you will no doubt notice that the middle finger on my left hand sports the "tented arch".

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