Feb 12, 2011

Better Rubber and Bike Swap

I took the Nokian Mount and Ground studs off the rear wheel of the winter bike last night and re-mounted the fat Big Apple that I ride in more clement weather. The front is still sporting studs. This proved to be a great combination this morning. Less rolling resistance, decent traction and mostly clear streets. The Big Apple is only at 35 - 40 psi in deference to the surface conditions, but it still was still more pleasant to ride at lower pressure.

Tomorrow is one of the big bike events of the year - the Blaine Bike Swap. I've never managed to get myself to this in years past, but will be there this year. I am car-pooling with a few friends and expect to make the scene around 9:30. It's supposed to be quite the event. I'll bring a camera and report back so you all can enjoy this vicariously if you don't make it there.

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