Feb 10, 2011

My "Single Speed, Crotchhatchet, Studded Tire Winter Bike"

Saturday Morning Ride
Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
I was so proud of my lovely wife today. She posted a status update on Facebook that read:

"rode a bike today. outside. just need an nice thick gel seat cover on the husbands single speed crotchhatchet studded tire winter bike and voila!"

She did so well with the 30 Days of Biking challenge that she pretty much continued to ride her bike every day beyond that initial challenge until winter sunk its teeth into us. Now, as February advances, she's sampling the sublime pleasures (and by "sublime pleasures" I mean "discomfort") of winter cycling. I am glad the gel seat made a difference for her. She's got the clothes for this, and she's plenty tough. Maybe it's the saddle...

I think it helped that this frame is smaller than she normally rides. Small frames are good for a winter bike, IMHO. This unit also has a relatively long top tube and a long stem, which stretches her out more than her fair-weather bike(s).  Like many women, she's long torso/short leg, so I am not surprised this bike fit her, but we need to take some notes here on bike fit since she liked this, and she can be notoriously hard to please when it comes to bike comfort.

I have been contemplating a single speed build for her, and this post makes that more likely.

While I take some slight offense at her characterization of my trusty Raleigh M-200, I do have to admit that this bike is kind of a single-speed crotchhatchet studded tire winter bike.

Here's to you, Beloved! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I would recommend going someplace like Erik's or Freewheel where they can measure your sitbones. I think those gel seat covers can be hit or miss; your sitbones can sink into the gel and cause abrasion to the lady bits (anatomy-dependent).

  2. The saddle was a wicked good deal from BIke Lover RVK. I like it, actually. It's a little brutal on the ladies, however. Her gel cover is an early-season measure - she doesn't use it later in the spring, only when she's still a little tender from being off the bike. I want Molly to go to Erik's and get butt-measured, but she's happy with the saddle on her Breezer right now. If I do up a single speed for her, she will need a new saddle, so we'll get her measured at the point.