Feb 23, 2011

The Itch

29er Cockpit
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It's been a long winter. I rode my bike to Book Club last night to test the road conditions and found the side streets to be almost impassable. The run down the hill on 48th Street required me to put my foot down about 5 times in 8 (short) blocks. The plow spooge was the main culprit, but cookie dough in the streets was also a problem. The ride home on Chicago, 46th and Bloomington (the Snow Emergency Routes) was much better.

Today saw temps above freezing and the third day of our snow emergency, so the side streets should be much better. I am planning a bike commute tomorrow. Conditions should be much better, between the plows and melting, and the freedom to leave on my schedule will be welcome. Very welcome.

Last year I started my commute season in about mid-March. I am thinking February 24 is the start date this year....

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