Feb 26, 2011

Minnesota Bike Summit on Capitol Hill

On Monday, the cyclists and advocacy groups of Minnesota will be migrating to the State Capitol building for a day devoted to educating the administration and legislative leaders on bicycle issues. The event will start at 9:30 at Christ Lutheran Church, 105 University Ave., St. Paul. We will be heading to the Capital at 1:00 for a 1:30 rally in the Rotunda, speakers, industry displays and meetings with legislators. More detailed information is available here.

The Bike Summit was organized by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota You can register for this event at the BikeMN website.

I will be taking the day off to participate in this, because I think it's important and I want to learn more about the work of BikeMN. There is a group ride from the U of M to the Capitol that's organizing here, but I probably won't make that since it's a bit of a journey from my haunts in So. MPLS to the U and then on to the Capital, but I will most likely bus it, keeping with the spirit of "one less car".

I'll keep an eye out for people I know, and likewise, if you happen to see little old me there, stop and say hello. It should be a good and productive day.

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  1. I'll see you there! I plan on skipping the morning stuff (werk) and catching up with the rally at 1.