Dec 4, 2011

Attaching a Flasher to a Revelate Designs Bag

Despite my solemn vow to never again buy a saddle bag without an attachment point for a flasher, I picked up a new Revelate Designs "Viscacha" bag to go on the Mukluk. I was seduced by the quality of the bag and how good it looks on a fat bike that I kind of forgot about this point, I guess.

As happy as I am with the bag, that satisfaction does not solve my problem of mounting a light, however. On last night's ride, I clipped my Superflash to a tab on the back of my jacket. That worked okay, but I still wanted to mount the light on the bike.

Here's a quick "how to" post since I am sure others may have encountered this problem...

There are four small loops on the top of the bag. I threaded parachute cord through the loops in a "box with an X in it" pattern as shown above. I then closed the parachute cord loop with a spring toggle and tied it off in a surgeon's loop to keep it secure.

The parachute cord and toggle give me the ability to strap small stuff to the outside of the bag if I ever want to do that, and the cord also gives me a handy place to attach the light. This solution works with the bag collapsed - in the extended position I still don't have an attachment point, but I'll settle for this right now.

This worked very well on tonight's ride - the light stayed in place and felt very secure on this rig, and the position is high on the bike and level, so the visibility is as good or better than on my seat post mount on the winter bike.

That said, If anyone has other ways of mounting lights, let me know. Thanks!

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