Dec 3, 2011

Deep Custom

DEEP CUSTOM, the teaser from RoyalAntler on Vimeo.

Hey! A local film maker is airing a recently completed documentary on Peacock Groove and Erik Noren. Peacock Groove does very nice, very custom bicycles. I've seen a few out in the wild, including a beautiful metallic green one Noren was riding as well as the famous "Kill Bill" bike as well as several others at Minnecycle.

Noren is extremely talented as a frame builder and his frame repairs have gotten high praise from everyone that's brought a beloved-but-broken steel frame to him. But unlike most of the other frame builders I have met, Peacock Groove has a no-holds-barred, rock-and-rock-punch-you-in-the-face design ethic that's really fun and really refreshing in a world of generic carbon fiber red/black/white road bikes. Go search "Peacock Groove" images or check out the Voltron track frame and you will see what I mean.

The film "Deep Custom" is showing at the Jungle Theater on Dec. 12th, The showing starts 7:00 pm and will run untill 9:30pm. This event is FREE, but food shelf donation items are requested. Like any decent Minneapolis bike event, beer will be served, but that's not free, so bring some money if you want in on that action.

This should be a lot of fun and a great chance to reconnect with a bunch of people I have not seen lately. Be there or be square, daddy-o.

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