Dec 28, 2011

Mukluking Through the Refuge

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I took advantage of the sunny warm weather to ride the Mukluk in a light jacket today. The ride took in the length of the Long Meadow Lake Trail (from the refuge headquarters to Cedar Ave. Bridge). At that point I wasn't done, so I crossed the river on the Cedar Ave. bridge and then rolled back east on the south side of the river for another four more miles or so.

The bike did great - I really think the big difference between how much I like this bike and how frustrated I was with my old Pugsley is due to the front tire. The Pug used an Endomorph and the Muk has a newer Larry tire. The tread pattern seems to track a lot better. Even in the plentiful loose sand, the bike tracked easily.

The Mukluk was great for accessing the more remote parts of the refuge - I think this will be a wonderful way to get into the less-traveled parts of the refuge, and some of the places I rode today were particularly birdy. Today's sightings included about a dozen eagles, about 50 Common Mergansers, and what might have been an Osprey. Good times, good times...

I think a front rack would be a good addition to this bike to give it a little more cargo capability. I might also drop the bars just a little bit; otherwise it seems to be just about right.

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