Dec 11, 2011


We were positively deluged with a bunch of pre-programmed recordings of MN Original on the DVR this week. If you don't know, MN Original is a series on TPT that highlights a wide range of local artists (music, visual arts, everything you can think of).

The Spouse was slugging through the recordings when I wondered into the room with the T.V. and saw a show about Brock Davis. Davis was exhibiting works he did as part of Make Something Cool Everyday (MSCED).

As I understand it, MSCED was a challenge, similar to 30 Days of Biking, in which participants are challenged to create an original, creative piece of work every day for an entire year and take a picture of it for the group. Davis's stuff is very good - the guy positively oozes creative vision and he's able to execute his ideas via all kinds of media. There's a Flickr group devoted to Make Something Cool Everyday - you can examples of what people have done with this via the link.

I've been trying to find some sort of creative spark for months now, and this might just be the ticket. I did well with 30-DoB and because MSCED is an "everyday" thing, the pressure to do something "big" is eliminated. More importantly, this project should make creativity a habitat rather than something you delve into now and then when you feel like it.

I know right now that I will be challenged by my lack of technical artistic skills - I am not a good draughtsman and can't paint. But I certainly won't be at a loss for ideas. The trick here will be pulling them off in some sort of passable fashion and staying with it to see where exactly this takes me.

I plan to start in earnest on January 1, but did a little warm up exercise this afternoon to see how it went. It felt good, and I am looking forward to exercising these muscles.

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