Dec 30, 2011

Come As You Are, For God's Sake

Group Shot
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Rant alert:

After a chance encounter with a $30.00 Rapha cotton bandana at a local purveyor of fine cycling apparel earlier today, I am still all worked up about the issue of fashion and cycling.

I love good stuff. My wife assures me that I am a Taurus through-and-through. I like good quality, I appreciate craftsmanship and style. Yes, I can be vain...

But for God's sake just ride you bike in what you have and what works. It's really not worth it to spend a ton of money on stuff if your motivation is to prop up your ego or ease pangs of dissatisfaction. Spend that money on therapy instead - it will yield all kinds of other benefits that a multi-hundred dollar "cycle specific" sport coat or a name-brand snot rag will never, ever give you. You might even find happiness, you never know...

The photo with this post is from a cold, damp ride early last spring. We went up and down the hills along the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers to try and ride the flooded areas. I was joined on this ride by some of the most experienced cyclists I know; this includes cycling instructors, epic distance riders, and fast-as-hell young guys (and then, of course, there's me bringing up the rear).

You will note our lack of matched kits, neoprene booties, sport coats or $30 neckerchiefs. You really, really don't need to spend a ton of money on clothes to ride your bike.

And for that matter, none of us really care if your socks match your helmet and cable housing, either.

That is all.

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