Sep 16, 2008

The Sin of Temptation

I saw this at an undisclosed location in downtown Minneapolis today. It's not the first time - several days a week I have come across this bike and lock combination and just slap my head everytime I see this.
It makes me feel very good knowing my 4 year old Cross Check is right next to this with a U-lock and a cable.


  1. :o

    I would leave a note, maybe?

  2. that would be gone in a New York second in my neck of the woods.

  3. I thought of leaving a note. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.

  4. Dude has a Cervelo but isn't clued into the concept of using a decent lock? Sounds strange to me. The person who rides it probably didn't obtain it through the usual channels. But who knows. I've seen just about everything.

  5. If that were me, I'd want to be taught a lesson.

    Take the bike...