Sep 19, 2008

Time Out for Art

Last night I was treated to a relentless torrent of political ads while I tried to watch the news.  I am getting awfully tired of it. And, once again, I don't see a candidate I want to vote for - I will probably vote based on who I think is the least damaging yet again.

Here is a link to the Virtual Museum of Political Art. It's an interesting web site that covers many movements, ranging from Socialist Realism to Saddam Hussein and modern U.S. stuff. I came across the site years ago when I was looking for more information on Socialist Realism. I have always been a fan of the Socialist Realism work - the image at the top of this post is "Lenin at Red Dawn" by Boris Eremeyevich Vladimirsky and it's quite famous (and also seems appropriate, too, as I get ready to leave for work today, commrades). The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) located right here in friendly So. MPLS has some Socialist Realism works and lots of other interesting pieces.  Beginning Sept. 22 they will be running an exhibit on icons that we will likely go see.   

That's it - time to go organize the workers for our glorious labor!

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