Sep 30, 2008

What Can We Do?

We have sadly had four (4) bicyclists killed in motor vehicle accidents in the Twin Cities in the last several weeks.  This includes a long time cook/chef at the Minikhada Club near Lake Calhoun and most recently a 54-year old woman riding her bike in a designated bike lane on Summit Ave. in St. Paul.  

Needless to say, these tragedies have sparked a lot dialogue on the local bike boards. One of the best threads running at the moment is on MBL.  I like that this is generally constructive and solution focused, so far, and there are a number of good ideas. I hope the City(s) look at this and take some of the ideas to heart. I also think that this is probably an issue that should be dealt with by the Met Council or something, since bike and traffic safety issues are not specific to any one city. If the Twin Cities want to be a truly bike-friendly place/liveable, etc. then we need some wider focus on these issues and a holistic response rather than one City reacting one way and the others either not reacting or doing something completely different.  

EDIT - the picture that did not show up is from the Strib and shows one of the recent ghost bike memorials. Click the image "place holder" and it will take you to the Strib link. Sorry for the technical difficulties on that one.

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