Aug 23, 2009

Coming Off of Vacation

Bridge near Nekoosa, WI
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This post marks the end of my weekend and the end of a week off. We traveled to the North Shore, snuck out to Wisconsin for a quick visit to my brother's cabin, had some time to read and relax around the house, and got a few things done, too.

Monday morning at about 7:00 I'll get on my bike and ride in to the office, where I'll inevitably have a stack of things to sign waiting for me, have a few messages updating me on the crisis du jour, have a few other notes from people wanting to check in (on what? I've been out, remember). I will be out of the starting gate on another week. Coming off vacation is a lot like going through the door at the airport; as much as you are going to miss the person that dropped you off to catch you flight, once you are through that door, it's like they were never there - it's all about the security check, dealing with baggage, finding the gate and thinking about whatever your trip is going to present you with. Sad to say, but in less than 5 seconds you forget about the life you are leaving and focus on the life in front of you once the revolving door swings closed.

The only thing we planned but did not accomplish this week was a ride on the Munger trail. That was foiled by the bad weather/tornado action on Wednesday (in fact, my bike filled up with water during the storm and the guys at Hiawatha ended up draining the damn thing for me - thanks very much!). Otherwise the whole week went pretty much according to plan. We'll do the Munger - maybe next weekend, we'll see about that. Until then, it's back to the office for me.

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