Aug 11, 2009

Getting a Helping Hand - The Experiment

I am re-posting a thread I started on tonight. If you want in, click the link and post. If you don't have an MBL account, you'll need to sign up to post (don't worry, it's free), but it's a good site and you won't regret it.

Here's the text of the post and the premise for this experiment in making the world better:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"I am reading a book called "Whose Got Your Back" (we have a "book club" at my company and I am previewing this book to see if we want to pass it on to the senior management). The author makes a strong argument that in general, people today are starved for strong peer-to-peer and mentor relationships, and that these kinds of relationships can greatly enhance ones ability to achieve personal or professional goals. He also asserts that most people want to help others because it makes them feel needed and appreciated (something we also are chronically short of in our modern world).

At one point in the book he states that most people have only one or two close confidants that they can bounce ideas off of or expose vulnerabilities too. That's pretty grim, but I don't think it's wrong. I also believe that there may be a number of folks out there that have a destination in sight and are trying to get there but not sure how to do it.

That's where this social experiment begins.

If you are interested in achieving a goal, post it here. It's hard to describe how little I care what the goal is, but it should be important to you; it could be work, it could be social, it could be personal. If you want in on this, post your goal or dream here. Others will read it and I hope they will contact you via this thread or PM. The odds are good that someone on this website has some insight or experience that will help you make that goal. Please don't just rip off some bullshit goal - think about this a little bit or it will be a waste of everyone's time.

if you participate, you need to be open to the experience. Recognize that all connections may not be perfect. Accept that and move on - don't immediately assume this is bullshit and give up. Also, remember that you don't need to be an "expert" to help someone - an interest or opinion, or some past experience, is enough to qualify you to try and help someone else. This is about sharing connections and information.

I will think up a goal, but I need to sleep on it before i post one.

I hope this works! Enjoy!"

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