Aug 19, 2009

Sampling the North Shore

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We returned today from a few days on Minnesota's famed North Shore. We stayed at Blue Fin Bay resort in Tofte. Blue Fin Bay turns out to be a compound of Town homes in the ghost town of Tofte, MN. Tofte was a fishing community on Lake Superior about 85 miles north of Duluth. It turns out fishing isn't a good way to make a living on Lake Superior, so they packed it in and put up a resort instead.

Blue Fin Bay seemed mostly empty while we were there; we had no waits at the restaurants and were not disturbed by noises or partying Minnesotans at night. I suspect they are feeling the recession this year just like everyone else. The good news is that the state parks, and Lake Superior, seem unaffected by the economy, and are just as beautiful as ever.

Today's Plan of Operation was to head down from Tofte to Duluth, where the spouse would explore Jay Cooke State Park while I mounted a solo assault on the Munger Trail. She would pick me up in Hinckley hours later, so we thought. That plan was foiled by heavy rain, wind and even tornadoes. but we arrived in the Twin Towns unscathed. I'll have to find another time explore the Munger, it seems.

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